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it's official, Nokia is preparing its comeback!

Nokia Lumia 1320Ever since he sold his Lumia brand to Microsoft, Nokia does not have the right to market smartphones in his name. Not before 2016 anyway, depending on the terms of the transaction. This dismissal of the smartphone market did not seem problematic for the Finnish giant, however, since its management has repeatedly denied wanting to set foot there again. The last statements to this effect date back to April.

But now CEO Rajeev Suri says his company will be back as early as next year. We can now wonder about the strategy envisaged. One track could be that evoked by previous rumors, namely products developed in China and equipped with Android which it would then sell under its own brand. In other words exploit the aura that the Nokia brand still enjoys.

Still on Nokia?s strategy, the sale of its Here mapping tool is looming. Large German car manufacturers are said to be on the move. The Finnish giant will also get rid of Michel Combes, current CEO of the Alcatel-Lucent group which he acquired. It also seems to have an opportunity at Altice, parent company of Numéricâble-SFR.