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it was uploading more than 8,300 child pornography images per day

# Guy pretending not to have understood ######
Apart from under standard zip, how do you get the time to download 8300 items per day (how many clicks, time per item, etc.)?
No, because if the guy wanted three images (which doesn't change the act, we agree), and he downloaded a file containing millions of files himself, and that, to title " he downloaded 8300 files per day ", the police divided the number of files in the large zip file he downloaded in one go by the number of days before it was supposed, I really don't know how it did…
# Guy who stops pretending not to understand ######

So the subjects where everyone agrees and where the villain is entirely black and all the others (including me, whew!) Are nice white people, be careful.

Like GNT, which headlines "it downloaded more than 8,300 child pornography images a day", the romance has its importance, because there one would think that out of sexual madness and computer overhumanity, the guy every morning until evening starts to download 8300 images. ..