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Islamic State declares war Twitter

Faced with the relatively tense international context due to the growing power of acts of provocation, piracy, kidnappings and attacks claimed by the Islamic State, different communication platforms have chosen an outright censorship of terrorist movements.

twitter Starting with Twitter, which has recently cleaned up its profiles to cut short any terrorist propaganda disseminated through its network. The platform has thus approached the American and European governments to block accounts associated with jihadist groups.

A situation reminiscent of that already occurred last year, when Twitter closed tens of thousands of accounts accused of relaying propaganda from the Islamic State. The terrorist response was then identical: "The time has come to respond to Twitter management by directly attacking and physically assassinating their employees. Twitter management should know that if they do not stop their campaign in the virtual world, we will bring them to real world war on the ground. "

Today, threats continue: "Your virtual war against us is causing a real war against you" could be read in a retweeted message by IS supporters. "We told you from the start that this was not your war, but you didn't understand and continued to close our accounts on Twitter, but we keep coming back."

There is again talk of a call to assassinations this time targeting executives of Twitter.