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iPhone 6 1 euro: beware of scams!

The fact of seeing a new iPhone 6 at 1 euro should put the chip in the ear of anyone, and yet that does not prevent offers of this type to multiply on the Internet in recent days. The UFC Que Choisir thus evokes "dozens of variants" of these offers which all turn out to be simple scams:

"Each time, the process is the same. The promotional page, with its neat design and rhetoric, invites the Internet user to enter their e-mail address and to accept the general conditions. They are also fully transparent above the offer. " Then, to settle the symbolic euro linked to the offer, the user is required to "enter his bank details. And, a few days later, he finds that a pretty sum, from 49 to 89 ? depending on the offers, has been debited from his account, in addition to the euro initially withdrawn."

IPhone 6 1 scam?

In the end, the paid euro corresponds to the registration allowing access to a trial period for the services of the site behind the offer, which are often online gaming sites, music sites. The user ultimately having little chance of seeing his iPhone 6 since it is only sent after a draw, or every 500 registrations on the site.

Worse, to attract more victims, it is often replicas of press articles or popular sites that are used, in order to give more credit to the offer. Mainly disseminated on social networks, there are dozens of such scams in place today.