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Integrated purchases made by children: Facebook will have to reimburse

iOS and Android have already paid the price for a policy facilitating purchases integrated into applications offered on mobile platforms: various lawsuits with amicable arrangements to reimburse parents whose children spent without account, and several hundreds of millions dollars to the key.

Ninja saga Today, Facebook is taking the same path, since a class action has just been formed in the USA to denounce the flaws in parental control of the social network when it comes to spending money.

The trial is already scheduled for October 19, and it is a simple online game that is the cause of the complaint.

Parents thus indicate that they were unable to obtain full reimbursement of the amounts spent by their parents. Ninja Saga shopping inapp children in the title "Ninja Saga".

IT World thus indicates that the title would have facilitated integrated purchasing expenses once the first payment was made. The indications as to the purchases in real money would not be clear enough for the children, and one of them could thus have spent more than 1000 dollars in a few hours (in this case the reimbursement would have been only $ 59.90).

The collective thus requests to be reimbursed in full for unwanted expenses on the one hand, as well as a modification of the platform regulations imposing more stringent measures concerning payments in applications, or failing this, a simplified reimbursement procedure.