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Inauguration of the largest Apple Store in the world

Apple decided to settle in Middle East. Its CEO Tim Cook had also made the trip to early last year, in order to meet Prime Minister Mohammed ben Rachid Al Maktoum and prepare the ground.

After Apple's online services arrived in the United Arab Emirates in 2011, the first Apple Store is expected to open in the month ofnext august in the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It will be the largest store opened by Apple in the world, with an area of 4,645 square meters, out of the 223,000 in the shopping mall with over 700 shops. His team of collaborators would already be largely composed, knowing that job offers had been published last year.

Apple-Store-China An Apple Store in China (click to enlarge)

But the Cupertino firm does not intend to stop there, since a second Apple Store in the Middle East is under study. The information converges on a shop installed in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the federal state.