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IKEA incorporates QI wireless charging into some of its furniture

Soon, it will no longer be mandatory to put your smartphone or tablet on a roller or a cushion to take advantage of QI wireless induction charging.

IKEA QI lamp IKEA has just announced a partnership allowing it to integrate wireless charging bases directly into some of its furniture and accessories. The modules will thus be installed in the legs of bedside lamps, certain areas of low tables or directly in offices.

The brand said that the prices of these accessories would start at 40 euros for an availability set in April in Europe. According to the very principle of the brand, the bases will be sold separately from the rest of the assemblies to take advantage of the functionality at leisure or not, and deploy the option on as many products as possible.

This is good news for the user who has bet on the purchase of a terminal compatible with the standard, since for the moment, the wireless charging market is being debated by two players: WPC and PMA (Power Matters Alliance), the two technologies are not compatible with each other …

Still, it will certainly be interesting to no longer have to leave a charging station in the living room, if only to avoid increasing the number of connections and multiple sockets.

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