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Humble Bundle Honors Star Wars and UNICEF

This week, the Humble Bundle honors both the Star Wars universe and UNICEF. A special pack is currently offered as part of the original project with a view to funding UN initiatives aimed at child protection.

Humble Bundle Star Wars Unicef Like every week and every month, Humble Bundle changes its pack and offers players to combine business with pleasure. And this time, games oriented towards the universe of Star Wars are offered.

The concept is simple and unchanged: players are invited to buy different game packs (three at the base) for the amount of their choice. But if they exceed the average paid by previous buyers, they access a second batch of titles, then if they exceed a target set by the site, they leave with even more titles …

The base package includes Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic, Jedi Kinght: Jedi Academin, and Dark Forces. For $ 11 or more, the buyer will leave with Battlefront II, Kingts of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and Republic Commando (other titles will be announced soon).

Finally, for $ 12 or more, the player will leave with 3 other titles: Empire at War: God Pack, The Force Uleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition and The Force Unleashed II.

When paying, the user can divide the destination of the amount paid between Unicef, the developers or the Humble Bundle. Currently, more than 200,000 packs have been sold with an average purchase price of $ 11.45.