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Huawei asks for more differentiation possibilities

It was quite striking during the fair MWC 2015 of Barcelona: apart from highlighting the design and materials used for the different watches connected under Android Wear presented, all the demonstrations of their functionalities were very similar from one manufacturer to another.

Difficult then to praise the merits of a gadget that offers the same user experience and the same features as competing products, even if it is still possible to offer exclusive watchfaces.

Huawei Watch

This is a problem common to young platforms but precisely, for the Chinese manufacturer Huawei which has just launched into the segment with a watch Huawei Watch beautifully made, it is already a concern.

The Chinese giant therefore wants to get from Google the possibility of customize Android Wear, reports the site TrustedReviews, as it is possible to do with Android. Indeed, apart from the digital facades of the watch, the underlying interface has the same appearance for all manufacturers and it is not possible to modify the functionality of the gadget.

Huawei Watch 03 Huawei Watch 01

Huawei argues that as a very personal object, consumers will not want to settle for a standard product and that personalization has a particularly important role to play. The Chinese group has started to differentiate itself by a design that approaches watchmaking standards but he would logically want to go further and be able to give a personal touch to the software and adapt it according to the tastes of the target markets.