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how to circumvent the surveillance organized by the state?

On May 5, MPs voted in favor of the intelligence bill, which provides a set of measures and tools allowing government departments to install surveillance devices in the privacy of French people in France. like abroad.

Bill-law-Intelligence-adoption-National assemblyOne of the measures in question thus provides that "on its own initiative or when it receives a complaint from any person having a direct and personal interest" the national commission for the control of intelligence techniques (CNCRT, commission which will be created for the occasion) will have to proceed "to the control of the technique or techniques invoked in order to verify that they have been or are implemented in compliance". To put it simply, if a person considers himself under surveillance, he can seize the commission which will have to carry out his investigation.

The CNCTR will then be responsible for notifying the author of the complaint "that the necessary verifications have been carried out, without confirming or invalidating their implementation." Depending on the authorizations granted by the executive for the establishment of surveillance or not, the CNCTR will have to contact the intelligence service and the Prime Minister to notify them of the interruption of data collection and the destruction of information retrieved. In the event of inaction, it is to the Council of State that the CNCTR will have to turn.

Opponents of the law see this as an opportunity to undermine the system provided by saturating the CNCTR with requests. Especially since the black boxes of the State should be alerted by the establishment of certain services such as encrypted browsers (Tor type) or VPNs.

What will then be the capacity of the CNCTR to respond to a massive sending of requests? Senators and deputies will no doubt have time to deal with the situation by adding amendments to the bill.

Resistance to the bill is not only political, French actors on the Net have also already taken measures by mentioning their possible relocation before revising themselves.

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