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how do they hide the shameful content on their PC?

The firm Openoox, which offers a home page where all the favorite web pages can be grouped, is interested in Internet users viewing erotic and pornographic content.

Men are obviously very well represented. But what about women? Well, the gap is not huge, with 45% women and 54% men. And the remaining 1%?

But which are the most visited X sites? Without too many surprises, streaming platforms have the coast, because they allow a consultation without leaving traces on the hard drive. Among the most popular portals are PornHub, Pornoxo, Youporn, xHamster and Beeg.


No traces, but a little anyway, since some record links to content, in order to find them more easily in the crowd. 25% assume this consultation and classify the links in folders such as "Pig", "Charm", "Ass", "Porn", "Sex", "VideoX" or "XXX". The Remaining 75% conceal it in their own way thanks to folders called "News", "Travel and Well-being", "Entertainment", "Tools", "Coffee break", "Podcast" or "Useful" …