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Guardians of Peace, after Sony Pictures hack, also threatened CNN

The group Guardians of Peace claimed cyber attacks against Sony Pictures which made it possible to enter servers and recover large amounts of information, gradually disseminated on the Web.

The same group also threatened the American studio with reprisals if it released the film The Interview, which the latter nevertheless organized, with the support of the White House. The site The Intercept notes that, according to internal newsletters from the FBI, Guardians of Peace allegedly threatened to attack the servers of several major American media.

CNN logoThe document, which is not intended to be made public, was issued on December 24, and recalls the message of Guardians of Peace mocking the FBI and a US media, which carries in the internal memo the reference USPER2 (USPER1 being Sony Pictures), for the "quality" of their investigation which led to pointing the finger at the North Korea as an author or sponsor of the hack.

The media corresponding to this target USPER2 is not named in the FBI bulletin but it is probably about CNN, suggests The Desk. The reality of the threats made remains to be assessed, but the heavy consequences of the hacking of Sony Pictures servers (100 Terabytes of data looted) give an idea of ??what could happen in terms of information leaks in the event of intrusion on the servers. of a great media.