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Grooveshark resurfaces with a clone

After a fight of several years, Grooveshark finally gave in to the attack of the majors of the disc and closed shop last week. One of the figures in listening to music streaming could face up to $ 736 million in damages for copyright infringement.

Before closing following the conclusion of an amicable agreement also involving the payment of $ 50 million to record companies, Grooveshark acknowledged its faults, or at least its " very serious mistakes ", and apologized. A forced and forced mea coupla. Grooveshark now directs Internet users to perfectly legitimate services such as Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and others.

Except that after the attack of the majors, it is the attack of the clone. Surprised indeed, a mysterious Shark revives Grooveshark's music by establishing a base camp at This man named Shark explains that he was helped in his business by a team he formed and saved the major part (the figure of 90% is mentioned; BGR) of the deceased Grooveshark before its closure.

Grooveshark.ioAccording to the information gleaned from, mention is made of the new Grooveshark and the implementation of a policy of withdrawal on request in order to respect copyright and intellectual property. also says it has no control over the content that can be accessed from links provided by search engines.

Facade precautions that should not spare a backlash. For the moment does not allow users to upload music files themselves. In addition, files are indeed hosted by and not on third-party servers. Direct download is also possible.

By performing a search on the domain name, it is identified as being the property of a certain Vita Tkach in Ukraine. Will the location in Eastern Europe avoid a setback to