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Google’s MVNO service gets clearer

Google probably wants to become a telephone operator in the coming months, and new indications point to the "Project Fi" which should later become Google Wireless.

project fi Google's service would be offered through an application called Tycho, spotted in an experimental build of Android. The app should allow you to manage your invoices and take advantage of usage statistics to encourage users to migrate from one offer to another to always take advantage of the plan that best suits their needs.

As for Google's offer, it should integrate free SMS and calls to the USA, the firm only making a profit on Data plans.

It should be possible to benefit from several phone numbers and switch lines from one smartphone to another without having to change the SIM card. Interesting clarification: the data volume not consumed at the end of the month will be carried over to the following month.

The service should be open to all smartphones, not just Nexus 6 as rumored previously. Google has approached the operators T-Mobile and Sprint to ensure comfortable coverage in North America. No availability date has been announced yet.