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Google wants to accelerate its development by dividing its price

A few months ago, Google presented Tango, a crazy project with huge potential. The idea was to offer a tablet equipped with various sensors and cameras allowing users to scan interiors and exteriors in 3D.

Project Tango You just have to walk around with the tablet in hand, orient it everywhere in the room to automatically enter the data and access a 3D digital representation of your home, an administrative building or other external environment …

The idea for Google is simple: bet on a community of users to try to map interiors with precision, in order to offer an indoor equivalent to Maps, at least in spaces accessible to the public such as administrations, shopping centers, hospitals …

tango project Still, the tablet is only accessible by invitation, and at a relatively high price of $ 1024. The program is thus too limited to evolve quickly, which is why Google announces to divide the price of its Tango tablet by two, offering the latter at $ 512.

In addition, Google should open sales more widely, to allow anyone interested in the project to get hold of a device and participate in it.

Note that the device could be particularly interesting in certain fields, in particular concerning virtual visits, or the capture of real places in order to integrate them into video games, and why not even with a view to transcribing them through virtual reality headsets .