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Google refuses Android gaming due to free violence

Postal artwork

The Running With Scissors studio found its beak in the water following the request to carry Postal, its 1997 game, on smartphones and tablets running Android. Indeed, Google refused to put the software online on its Google Play platform.

Some players probably remember it, Postal is a title released in 1997 on PC and which caused some controversies because of its somewhat violent approach. However, this first part in isometric view is only an appetizer compared to its much more sulfurous second part.

Postal 1 "height =" 151 "width =" 201Pending news from the Postal Redux project, a remake of Unreal Engine 4, we learn that Running With Scissors – the game developer – has attempted to submit the first Postal port of the name to Google to integrate it into the Play Store download platform to be able to play it on mobiles running Android.

It turned out that the Mountain View company simply refused to make the game available on its online service, pretending to be some " gratuitous violence " Therefore, the title of Running With Scissors will not be available from other games of the same style such as GTA or Carmageddon.

Despite everything, the development studio intends to try to submit its software to other platforms such as the Humble Store and Amazon App-shop. The title remains available on Steam, however.