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Google really wants user feedback

The practice had already been pointed out and seems to have gained momentum. In the United States, Firefox users with Yahoo as their default search engine are "called to order" by Google.

When they visit a Google page for search results, a nice insert at the top of the page makes them switch to Google as the default search engine. Until now, this incentive was more discreet and only took the form of a blue banner.

Google-Firefox-US-engine-default-incentiveFor Search Engine Land, which draws the line, it's as if Google " beg Firefox users This lobbying is a consequence of the non-renewal at the end of 2014 of the commercial contract which linked Mozilla and Google.

In the United States, Mozilla's new partner is Yahoo, which therefore appears as the default search engine in Firefox. This has had an impact on Google?s declining market share judging by the figures from comScore.

The US figures for the month of February should be known this week. We can already see if the pressure exerted by Google has had an influence. The tactics of the Mountain View company assume that the Firefox user consults Google.