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Google patents toys equipped with microphones and cameras capable of understanding humans

The recent patent filed by Google is as scary as it is interesting. In the latter, the group discusses the possibility of offering toys presented in the form of teddy bears or rabbits, having the ability to understand humans and control electronic devices present in a room.

The toys would appear as cuddly toys equipped with microphones in the ears and cameras slipped behind the eyes. They would also have speakers at mouth level. These devices would be animated to present themselves as robots and should be able to turn their heads to focus on their interlocutor.


The interest of these plushies would be to allow users to have a kind of physical assistant, a handy robot that would be able to wirelessly control a host of devices connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. It would then be possible to ask your teddy bear to change the TV channel, launch a playlist, turn on your computer, ring your lost smartphone … or even control a set of home automation equipment.

The whole would then become a kind of intelligent and universal remote control, Google presents its project as an "anthropomorphic device" which could even be declined in doll or mythical creature.

It remains to be seen whether users are ready to integrate Google more into their homes, especially when it comes to installing cameras and microphones … Google will have to convince that the data collected is purely reserved for orders launched by the user, and that his fluff will not appear as another cookie.