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Google for video game players and against Twitch

youtube-gamingEveryone, or at least all players, are familiar with the famous Twitch service, which streams video games live to more than 55 million unique visitors each month, a record. A service so popular that it was also bought the modest sum of $ 970 million in August 2014 by Amazon, while Google was also on the spot.

Not wanting to stay on the side of the road, the giant of Mountain View has therefore decided to counterattack and invest itself in this fast growing sector by launching its own live video game broadcasting platform, thus born Youtube Gaming.

According to Google, nearly 25,000 different video games will be "integrated" into Youtube Gaming, understand that they will all have a dedicated page where gamers from around the world will be able to come together in community. Players will be able to watch live shows or classic videos of games already played, attend competitions and tournaments around the world.


As on Youtube, you will be able to subscribe to channels, and all the keywords you enter will have video games as your universe. So if you search for "call" you will have results for the famous FPS "Call of Duty" and nothing for the song "Call Me Maybe"!

According to Alan Joyce, Product Manager, YouTube Gaming will be available in summer 2015 on computer, mobile and tablet. It will initially be accessible in the USA and Great Britain before arriving in France.

The response from Twitch was immediate, it is on his Twitter account that the leader welcomes his competitor qualified as "Player 2" in a very ironic mode given the presence of the highly appreciated #kappa on Twitch ^^

Note that you can leave your email to be notified of the availability of the service from the dedicated YouTube Gaming page.