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Google acquires Odysee, the photo and video sharing service

Google has just bought Odysee, or rather the company Nimbuz at the origin of this application allowing to synchronize its photo and video albums through different devices.

Odysee The application available on iOS and Android is also paying the price since the service should close soon. The entire team of Nimbuz members joins that of Google+, as indicated by the firm on its official website. Incidentally, nothing is specified about the release of a similar application in another form, since the team indicates working on new products.

Odysee should stop working from February 23, users will then be allowed to download an archive of their files, since the service was presented as a private cloud with a few interactions with social networks.

Often compared to Instagram, the service could be integrated into a new product offered by Google which is trying to establish itself without real success so far in the field. Moreover, if Odysee closes its doors, it is undoubtedly also because the service offered to identify itself with its Facebook profile, which is not frankly to the taste of Google.