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Gmail to pay bills

Thanks to automated email analysis in Gmail, a feature that is part of Google Now is already capable (in some countries) of showing the user a summary of past and future invoices. An hourly service called Pony Express will allow you to go as far as payment.

Google-Pony-ExpressRe / code was able to consult documentation relating to Pony Express and whose launch should take place in the fourth quarter of this year. In order to use it, a Gmail user must provide information such as name, address and a social security number.

These data are transmitted to a third party for identity verification. After which, an invoice can be paid directly in Gmail or Inbox, the new email client designed by the Gmail team and currently being tested by invitation.

Payment is made using a bank card, but it seems possible to link Pony Express to a bank account. We can think that Google Wallet could also have a role to play, especially since Google is working on its evolution.

In addition to payment, Pony Express will allow you to forward invoices to other people and share them with them when necessary. Re / code cites in particular the case of roommates.

At this point, Google has not officially commented on the leaked Pony Express information. They appear when Facebook has just announced a payment system allowing Facebook Messenger users to send money to each other. As with this sending of money between Facebook friends, it is likely that if Pony Express does indeed see the light of day, it will first be launched in the United States.