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gloves like Apple, Google or Microsoft in the viewfinder of South Korea

The South Korean competition authorities have indicated that the surveillance devices intended to prevent certain large manufacturers from appropriating a maximum of essential technologies in order to blur the competition, by preventing other players from accessing it or by asking them for a maximum of royalties, would be reinforced.

This will involve surveys now focusing more on firms with key technological patents, but also closer collaboration between the various local supervisory bodies. Smartphones and names like Apple, Google and Microsoft came out when the time came to cite examples of markets and big companies.

logo_pro_apple Google-new-logo-possible


If no file has been mentioned for Apple and Google, we almost expect it, if only to defend the foal who is neck and neck with the first on the smartphone market and who would like to gain his independence vis vis-à-vis the second by launching its own OS Tizen. For Microsoft, we already know what to stick to. There is indeed talk of a new review around the agreement with Nokia allowing it to get hold of the Lumia brand. Save the soldier Samsung?