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Galaxy Note 5: dj rumors

The Galaxy Note 4 barely released, the time is already at the first rumors concerning its successor, the Galaxy Note 5. And as usual, it is the hopes born of previous rumors, shattered with the release of the commercial device that return to the carpet.

Galaxy Note 4 1 And since the Galaxy Note 4 is currently enjoying great success, we can naturally think that Samsung will deploy treasures of new features and technologies in the next version.

Thus returns the rumor concerning an ultra high definition screen. We already announced the Galaxy Note 4 with an Ultra HD screen, before seeing that Samsung had once again adopted the Full HD definition (already quite sufficient for a 5.7 inch screen) Super AMOLED. The Galaxy Note 5 could thus see the arrival of an Ultra HD 4K definition screen, which would be extended even to the edges like the Galaxy Note Edge.

We recently learned that Samsung wanted to detach from Qualcomm to animate its terminals, and logically, the Galaxy Note 5 should thus be oriented towards a home SoC, the Exynos 7420 (64 bits) clocked at 3.2 GHz and associated at 4 GB of RAM.

The terminal should operate from the next version of Android, namely Android 6.0. The phablet will also focus on the photo with an 18 million pixel sensor with image stabilizer on the back, and 7 million pixels on the front panel to offer good quality videoconferencing.

Samsung should also take inspiration from Apple for its next large format terminal and bet on a storage capacity of up to 128 GB.

Finally last rumor to put on the counter of this Galaxy Note 5: the orientation towards an all-aluminum chassis, like what should be offered on the Galaxy S6.

We should not see this Galaxy Note 5 arriving before the end of the year, and the rumors will have time to refine and go around in circles by then.