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French boutique opens and m1 note smartphone arrives in France

So far, to get a smartphone Meizu in France, we had to turn to partner resellers. Now, it will be possible to buy directly from the Chinese manufacturer, thanks to the implementation of a dedicated online store. The latter also offers the MX4 and MX4 Pro, but also the m1 note unveiled at the end of December, which is just arriving on the French market.

Meizu m1 note 2 Meizu m1 note smartphone (click to enlarge)

And the price is unfortunately not as attractive as at home. If Meizu offers his smartphone m1 note for the equivalent of 130 euros in China, he displays it at 229 euros with us. The icing on the cake, 4G on board is indicated as not compatible with the 4G offered in France. Painful upper 100 euros and disappearance of 4G. Suffice to say that the interest is immediately less great, especially at a time when we find 4G compatible smartphones at less than 100 euros with us. The Kazam Thunder2 4.5L, for example.

The case illustrates in any case quite well the words of Huawei about his compatriot Xiaomi. It?s not easy to stay as competitive once you cross borders and have to set up an official distribution channel.