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French artists worry about their income

It is the announcement of a family offer at 14.99 euros per month from the Apple Music service which today raises the concerns of Adami. An offer which allows sharing an access account for up to 6 people. With a standard offer at 9.99 euros for a connection, we understand how the singer-songwriters can worry about having their income reduced by the family offer.

Apple Music app

After a quick calculation, Adami comes to the conclusion: "Each subscriber to the family offer, Apple's main announcement, will bring in between 0.11 and 0.17 ? per month, to be shared among all the artists listened to." On the offer at 9.99 euros per month, this sum is brought down to 0.46 euros.

Impossible for the artists not to intervene, them who already criticized Spotify and other platforms for a blatant lack of remuneration. The Adami therefore requires the establishment of regulations aimed at guaranteeing fair remuneration: "It is urgent that France join the United States or Spain by implementing a compulsory collective management of digital to give artists back their true place, in an industry whose future could sing again."