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Freefly unveils a flying drone reserved for cinema professionals

Freefly is therefore launching into the professional flying drone market, always with an orientation towards the cinematographic environment and image capture.

Its first model is called Freefly Alta and offers a ready-to-fly solution delivered in a Peli-Case. The originality of the drone is that it is aimed at pros by allowing them to mount their high-end camera on the top of the device, and not from below like most drones currently available on the market.

Despite everything, it is also possible to fix the camera on the bottom of the device to offer bird's-eye views. Thanks to this modularity, the drone should make it possible to offer different shots for ever more spectacular scenes.

The Alta is capable of supporting loads of up to 7 kg, enough to carry a RED Epic or other similar camera. The announced autonomy is 15 minutes per charge, which is very interesting given the weight on board.