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Free updates the Freebox Rvolution

There had been no Freebox Revolution update since the beginning of December 2014. It was in the news on the Freebox mini 4K that Free released an update for its high-end box.

Freebox-ServerLike the previous time, this is a firmware update for the Freebox Server of the Freebox Revolution. It is the server box with its Freebox OS interface and not the multimedia box. The update is stamped 3.1 but is maintenance-free without bringing new features.

Strangely and unless omitted in the release notes, it does not mention support for the multimedia box of the Freebox min 4K. Remember that the Freebox mini Player 4K on Android TV is offered for ? 1.99 per month to Freebox Revolution subscribers as part of the Multi-TV option (and therefore a second TV box).

Update 3.1 of the Freebox Player brings corrections to the download manager, from the loss of MAC address filtering in Wi-Fi after restarting. Improvements are also mentioned for the Freebox OS interface, including the return of disabling guest mode. This mode allows you to watch TV in Freebox OS ( without identifying yourself.

Release notes (fixes and improvements):

Download manager

  • Correction of statistics returned to the tracker after restarting a task
  • Download manager stuck on not connected
  • Task order not saved after restart
  • Unable to download from certain sites in https
  • Unable to add download via remote transmission


  • Loss of mac filtering after restart


  • Cannot Eject an External SATA Hard Drive

TV recordings

  • Error in the program name when a recording is programmed with margins

Freebox OS API

  • Unable to edit stream source for record

Freebox OS interface

  • Added ability to turn off guest mode
  • Bad icons when scanning DTT channels
  • Selection not visible in file manager
  • Missing Freebox OS rights category
  • Correction of the spelling of the Opera browser

As usual, the application of the update requires a restart.