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And at the end of all these tests, your SSD will have done so much Read / Write that it will have consumed half of its life. But let's be positive, we will know a little more about him

Well, you shouldn't buy an OCZ

Do not laugh, with us, these are the only SSDs that have slammed or produced "bad sectors" at arm's length From then on, we migrated asap to Kingston and Samsung (no problem and we put in place almost 1 per day for months). In addition, OCZ went miserably and the guarantees of their messy SSDs are our responsibility.

A little surprised by your OCZ feedback (although I was only a client of the firm for my account). A single Vertex 3 max IOPS and 2 Vertex 4. Not a single BSOD. On game loading time, they even turned out faster than the 840 and 850 Pro!

I ended up putting one of vertex 4 in SSD Cache on my NAS just to see … it died in a week … (according to QNAP: compatibility problem LOL) the support sent me a more model 3 days after receiving the dead ssd. Without a single euro to spend on the return procedure.

They have a bad reputation, I admit that I never had anything to confirm it, but in the meantime, I prefer them by far to Samsung from the utility point of view.

Suddenly, I find it hard to understand how the after-sales service could be your responsibility.

Our wholesaler stipulated that the RMA was no longer applicable following the bankruptcy of OCZ. From what I know, Toshiba took them under the name "OCZ Storage" but for the "pre-bankruptcy" problem the delays would be so great that we preferred to drop and cover the guarantee in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible of our customers. The Pros, it has the budget but it lacks patience . It is obvious that some Vertex (the 4 in particular) still hold but hey, confidence is no longer there. So we changed brands. We will see with use but for now, it seems to hold up well and the quality price ratio is excellent (with an average of 450/450 MB / s)

PS: You should know that at home, the equipment barely represents 10% of turnover. We only provide a matoss if the customer wants a "Ready to Work" solution. The rest is just specific programming, service and network administration. So I'm not going to lay a pendulum for a few SSDs of around a hundred euros