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Free Mobile could ultimately gain an advantage in the Arcep process

MaGts495 wrote:

Pierro787 wrote:

5 Mhz of bandwidth allow 12.5 Mbits / sec of bitrate to share with all users in the downstream direction and 6.25 Mbits in the uplink direction, again completely shared … In practice, we can divide these figures by two for real speed

In short, we will find an almost unusable mobile speed if we want to increase the antenna gate and the number of simultaneous users.

In 4G, 5 MHz represents 37.5 mbits going down and not 12.5 In addition, Free eet Orange are the only ones who can put a lot on the table so 10 MHz each I think. In addition, the bit rate is often divided not by 2 but more (3-4) because of a collection network. not terrible for the 3 historical operators (see even more like at SFR where are DC network sense gives me 42 mbits in theory gives me barely 1-2 …) In short everything to say that the network will be largely usable, don't worry about its

37.5 Mbits / sec (thoric) are still largely insufficient for a stretched coverage of several kms by antenna … 😉

In radio, the speed is shared by all, which can pose serious problems in the event of simultaneous connections of many users at the same time. The 2.6 Ghz band creates smaller cells and therefore limits the number of users per cell.

The sale of the 700 MHz band has only one goal, to bring money into the state coffers to finance weapons, in an emergency. The industrial interest of the thing is much more limited. Otherwise, this would already be done in all other European countries, but this is not the case.