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Flying drones play servers in a Singapore restaurant

For now, it is still too early to tackle the issue of parcel delivery by flying drones. The FAA is just beginning to study the subject of the legal framework for these drones in the USA that it already transpires multiple restrictions for their commercial use.

Singapore drone In other words, the airspace regulator in the USA wants to impose such strict measures on professionals wishing to operate these drone squadrons that they risk being grounded for a few more years.

Europe could thus be modeled on the FAA's decision, but in the meantime, from the other corner of the globe, we are already exploiting these drones in unusual activities.

This is the case of a restaurant in Singapore resolutely oriented towards new technologies. Instead of menus, touch pads are offered on the tables. Customers place their orders in this way, then two drones provide the spectacle by directly delivering consumption.

The drones automatically find their way according to the numbering of the tables recorded beforehand. To avoid any accident, they are equipped with a reinforced frame protecting their blades and a set of infrared sensors allowing them to avoid obstacles like customers or other servers who come to stand in the way.

The drones are produced by Infinium Robotic's and are presented as an ideal solution in a country which is struggling to recruit servers, the station having a very bad image. The government has also confirmed that aid will be offered to establishments wishing to automate this type of employment.