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flawed features for players who have never purchased

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In order to protect against accounts created on Steam for phishing or spamming purposes, Valve has set up a Premium service which requires players to make at least one purchase on the platform to take advantage of all the features. Otherwise, certain elements are blocked. Explanations.

Since its inception in September 2003, the download platform Steam has always been free to use for players. However, Valve recently implemented a paid system, restraining some features of the online service for users who have not purchased anything through their account.

Steam - home page "height =" 131 "width =" 173It is in a concern to limit phishing and spam on Steam that Gabe Newell's company has set up this Premium service.

Also, to be determined as a Premium member, you simply need tomake a purchase of at least 5 dollars on the platform, to supply the Steam wallet or the purchase of a gift card for an equivalent amount.

Players who have never spent will see several restrained features, namely:

  • Send invitations to your friends
  • Open a group chat
  • Vote on Greenlight, on Evaluations and Workshop objects
  • Participate in the Community Market
  • Post frequently in Discussions
  • Increase your Profile Level and earn Trading Cards
  • Submit content on the Workshop
  • Post a message on an object in the Workshop Discussions
  • Use the Steam Web API
  • Use chat via browser or mobile app.

Also, a large majority of Steam users are not affected by this change, but only those who have never bought anything on the online service.