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Fitbit in mind but Xiaomi already well placed barely arrived

The design office IDC largely confirms what had already been outlined Canalys in May: the segment of connected watches and bracelets experienced good growth in the first quarter of the year, before the arrival of the watch Apple Watch.

Fitbit Force With deliveries of 11.4 million connected devices, the market has simply tripled compared to the beginning of 2014 (3.8 million units) and its solid progression during a generally hollow quarter for the industry, after the holiday season, confirms the vitality of the segment.

Despite its recent existence, the price war is already raging. Thus, 40% of the gadgets referenced are already offered for less than $ 100 and this element has helped to guarantee the growth of the main players for several quarters. To see however what will be the effect of the arrival of the Watch watch which plays according to its own rules.

In the segment, the manufacturer Fitbit remains the undisputed market leader, like last year at the same period, with 34.2% market share and 3.9 million connected objects sold. But behind came in 2014 the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi whose Mi Band bracelet has largely found takers on its local market, propelling it to second place in the world, with 24.6% market share.

IDC watch strap Q1 2015

The following players are positioned more at a distance, with less than a million gadgets delivered. It is Garmin which thus ensures its transition from the declining segment of autonomous GPS systems, and Samsung, including cumulative sales of connected watches Gear under Tizen and Android Wear and Gear Fit bracelets reached 600,000 units in the first quarter of 2015, a volume doubled over one year.

The World Top 5 ends with another manufacturer of connected bracelets, Jawbone, credited with a volume of 500,000 units. (+ 150% over one year). The arrival of Apple in the segment is likely to significantly change this landscape, not only among watch manufacturers but also among bracelet manufacturers, since the range of volume estimates for the Watch watch would make it the market leader in here the end of the year.