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first images released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

A true reference for Formula 1 fans, Codemasters' license released its last component – F1 2014 – last October on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. If we only knew that a version intended for the PS4 and Xbox One was under development, first leaked images are highlighted on the Internet.

It is through the NeoGAF forums that the photos presented are honored, a priori intended to be only disseminated internally. This F1 2015 looks more visually impressive than the previous version.

F1 2015 - 2 F1 2015 - 1

Some information is also required, including the fact that development team strives to reach 60fps on PS4. At the current stage of design, it is specified that the game runs between 45 and 55 frames per second on the Sony console and in 1080p.

As for the release, it is specified that F1 2015 will be marketed this year, including the 2014/2015 season.

F1 2015 - 4 F1 2015 - 3