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first images of the spiritual suite of Banjo Kazooie

In 2012, former employees of the British development studio Rare had talked about proposing a new episode in the Banjo Kazooie series, with a spiritual sequel to Banjo Tooie – the second part of the franchise.

Last month, we learned that these former developers founded the independent studio Playtonic Games and had started construction Project Ukulele, the code name for this new platform game.

Project Ukulele - 1 Project Ukulele - 2

As part of EGX 2015 which took place this weekend in London, members of Playtonic Games carried out a presentation of their project (in video below) baptized "Renaissance of the 3D platformer", by presenting in particular first two pictures rather appreciable for fans of the series.

In addition, it is specified that Project Ukulele will be the subject of a campaign crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform from April 2015. For the moment, the platforms concerned have not been specified, but the studio had previously announced that the game will not be exclusive to a single medium.