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Firefox users return to Google?

The comScore firm publishes the figures for the month of February for the American market. They mark the stop of Yahoo's progress. What is more, the beginning of a regression that Google has benefited from in the web search sector.

These figures for non-mobile traffic are a first bamboo stroke for Yahoo since it became the default search engine for Firefox in the United States. It is a trend reversal – it is certainly slight for the moment – which we will have to see if it will be confirmed in the coming months.


Google has in any case spared no efforts to trigger the return of Firefox users. One might have thought the tactics useless but it seems that the messages disseminated had a certain impact.

Google-Firefox-US-engine-default-incentiveStatCounter estimates that the recent growth of Yahoo ended in February but the gains recorded in January and December " have been largely maintained ". StatCounter analyzes that the slight decline of Yahoo is not only related to the users of Firefox. By not taking them into account, Yahoo is also with the fall.