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Firefox OS father leaves

Andreas-GalAnnouncement of a new departure for a Mozilla manager. It is not the least since it is the technical director Andreas Gal. The man had been promoted to this position by Brendan Eich when he had very temporarily become the general manager of Mozilla before resigning following a controversy.

It was also Brendan Eich who recruited Andreas Gal for his debut at Mozilla in 2008. He designed a compiler on the fly (TraceMonkey) for the JavaScript engine of Firefox, then worked on PDF rendering in JavaScript and HTML5 integrated in the browser and on the Shumway project of an implementation of an emulator for the Flash platform.

In addition to his role in the development of the Rust programming language, Andreas Gal is also known for having initiated the Boot to Gecko project which gave birth to Firefox OS on mobile terminals and recently connected televisions.

Andreas Gal says he is leaving Mozilla to create a new startup specializing in the Internet of Things. On the list of recent departures, he notably joins Tristan Nitot and Johnathan Nightingale.