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Final Fantasy V / Final Fantasy VI: Nomura wants remakes

Since the release of the first installment in 1987, the Final Fantasy series has met with many successes. During E3, Square Enix fulfilled the dream of many players by finally announcing the development of the remake of Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4. Tetsuya Nomura, chara designer of the franchise, works on this project as director.

Final Fantasy VI - logoAs part of E3, the Venturebeat site has interviewed Nomura in general, since its introduction to the famous RPG franchise since Final Fantasy V.

In recent years, Square Enix has provided us with remakes of DS from Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV. What about predictions about Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, or even Final Fantasy VIII or Final Fantasy IX? Nomura focused its response on the two components originally released on Super NES:

"Considering that we have remakes of Final Fantasy up to FFIV and that we now have FFVII – I have worked with Yoshinori Kitase since Final Fantasy V and we noticed that FFV and FFVI are missing. That bothers me. How come we forgot them both? "

For now, no details have been confirmed as to the development of remakes of FFV and FFVI, but the latter is often cited as the favorite episode of fans of the license. It remains to be seen whether new versions will soon be started, why not on Nintendo 3DS.