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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD confirm on PC via Steam

Originally marketed on PSP in 2011 and exclusively in Japan, Final Fantasy Type-0 has benefited from a return in a remastered version on PS4 and Xbox One. The result turns out to be correct, even if it is not an excellent vintage in the Square Enix saga.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PC As part of MSI's Computex Booth, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD made a remarkable appearance, the manufacturer presenting the RPG running on one of his laptops. He also claimed to have worked with Square Enix to perform this demonstration.

The Japanese publisher has finally confirmed on his Twitter account that FF Type-0 HD is good planned to be released on PC and will be distributed in dematerialized format via the download platform Steam.

It is said that additional graphics options to the console version will be made, as well as better camera and combat management. The release date has not been announced at this time.

This new announcement suggests the possible future announcement of Final Fantasy XV on PC, especially since the presentation of a technical demo of Square Enix running on Windows 10 and using DirectX 12 technology.