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Fallout 4, Dishonnored 2, Doom … the conference of Bethesda E3 sums up in 6 points

Bethesda was the first actor to organize a press conference as part of the 2015 edition of E3 in Los Angeles, the opportunity for the studio to reveal a little more about its successful franchise Fallout 4, but also about Doom.

DoomHere are in summary the six points to remember from this conference:

DOOM back in spring 2016

The next doom will be the first game running on the idTech 6 engine and will combine spectacular graphics with small old-school touches. Particular emphasis is placed on the different ways of cutting and grinding the flesh of monsters, in particular with a chainsaw or a shotgun. The title will be rolled out in the spring of 2016, a multiplayer mode is also on the program.

DOOM has new tools dedicated to modding

The very first publisher of Doom launched the tradition of mods, with the appearance of a host of modifications published by amateur and fan developers. Bethesda should continue this tradition with the integration of a system called Snapmap which will allow players to create and share their own arenas. More interestingly, the module will be cross-platform and the content should therefore be automatically compatible on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

The next Elder Scrolls is a card game

The Elder Scrolls Legends will be Bethesda's equivalent to Blizzard's bestselling title: Hearthstone. It will be a free strategic card game revolving around the universe of The Elder Scrolls. The title should be launched on PC and iPad later this year, without further details.

A suite for Dishonored

In 2012, Dishonored was Bethesda's winning bet to create a new franchise with great potential. Bethesda confirmed that Dishonored 2 was on the program, and that he would have the distinction of offering players to play two characters and change them at will. They will be the two main protagonists of the first installment: Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin.

Fallout 4 will be available on November 10

Highly anticipated, Fallout 4 had presented with the help of meager images so far … We finally know its release date, set for November 10, 2015. Bethesda indicated in passing that the crafting process will be more important than in the past. Part of the title will happen before the apocalypse.

Fallout mobile game available today

Free, but only available on iOS for now, Fallout Shelter is a game offering to create your own atomic shelter and manage its population of survivors. There are a lot of elements from Fallout, and it should make players wait until next November with the release of the title on consoles and PC.