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Facebook presses the eyes

For the Facebook boss, the network is like a newspaper that collects good and bad news, birthdays, births, parties and gatherings, as well as rumors, on a daily basis.

Facebook-logo A comparison that falls under the metaphor for another few months, since Facebook would have entered into discussion with several publishing services (Buzzfeed, National Geographic, The New York Times) in order to invite them directly to the network.

the idea would be for the press to come and publish directly on Facebook, and not just in the form of links to the newspaper's site, but entire articles that could be read without leaving the network, to like and share .

According to the New York Times, Facebook is planning financial compensation. Ads usually integrated into publications by publishers will disappear in favor of a unique insert in each article. The system should be adapted from the one already in place between Facebook and major brands.

Publishers would find their account by taking advantage of the huge user base of Facebook, and in particular with the main audience of the network: young people who surf from their mobile, and who are often far from being concerned by the online press. normally.

For Facebook, it would above all be to make the use of its network more fluid. A link published on the network takes an average of 8 seconds to send to the source site, then the user must return to Facebook.