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extensions for Internet Explorer's successor

The Internet Explorer developer team organized a question and answer session via Twitter. Its purpose was to answer questions concerning Internet Explorer, the Spartan Project and the EdgeHTML rendering engine.

Windows-10-SpartanAt the end of the brief presentation of the future web browser that will be present in Windows 10, Microsoft had already given some information on technologies under the hood and coexistence with Internet Explorer.

IE developers are now confirming that they are working on a system for Spartan to support extensions. The vagueness nevertheless persists and there is for example no confirmation that a port of Chrome extensions will be possible.

Spartan is presented by developers as the successor to Internet Explorer on the desktop as well as the successor to the version of Internet Explorer currently available in the Modern UI environment.

It will be found on computer, tablet and smartphone. However, we already knew that this did not mean the disappearance of Internet Explorer. For individuals, Microsoft developers provide important clarification.

Spartan will be the default browser for Windows 10 users but Internet Explorer will be available and if necessary they will have to activate it. It is thus understood that Internet Explorer will be almost invisible unless requested by the user.

Microsoft targets Windows 10 for Spartan. However, a possible request for availability for Windows 7 will be taken into account. However, there is currently no cross-platform support for Spartan in the plans. In other words, Windows but no OS X, Linux or even iOS or Android.