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end of a time for Japanese RPGs?

Tri-Ace - Logo (Small)

tri-Ace, a Japanese studio known for its work on RPGs such as Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile, has just been bought by Nepro Japan, a firm specializing in content on smartphones and tablets.

Japanese role-playing fans should definitely know tri-ace, development studio behind some good series such as Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile and, more recently, Resonance of Fate.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth "height =" 130 "width =" 229This independent company worked for a long time with the publisher Square Enix before breaking its contract to opt for Sega. However, things will change again, since the studio has just been bought by the company Nepro Japan.

The latter is specializing in mobile games and, in view of the document accompanying the announcement, the firm aims to enrich the development of new genres of titles on smartphones and tablets.

A priori, this would be an opportunity for tri-Ace to develop games specifically on mobiles. It remains to be seen whether it will be a question of RPG or not. Anyway, this is not very exciting news for fans of tri-Ace productions.