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ENBSeries mod available in bta version, video effects

For the past few weeks, it's been possible to apply mods to the PC version of GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V), notably using the Script Hook by Alexander Blade. Mods ENBSeries, known for several PC games, has just arrived for the Rockstar open world game.

GTA 5 PC ENBSeriesBoris Vorontsov, the designer of these mods, has put online the first public beta ENBSeries, intended to modify the visual appearance of GTA 5.

As demonstrated in the video below, it is a question of changing the overall brightness of the game, whether it is a question of the sun, the moon, but also the night traffic or the indoor environments.

Interested players can download the mod at this address. The designer however clarified that this version of ENBSeries is not yet fully configured. Also, he advises to visit the official forum to have the configurations provided by the players.