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Drones over Paris: three journalists from Al-Jazeera arrested

In the afternoon yesterday, three journalists from the Al-Jazeera news channel were arrested and taken into police custody by the gendarmerie. They were caught flying a drone over the Bois de Boulogne.

florida campus drone The arrests come after two nights during which drones flew over sensitive sites located in the heart of Paris. From the American embassy to various ultra tourist sites, the threat of the preparation of a terrorist action looms in people's minds.

For the moment, no comparison between this overflight of the Bois de Boulogne and the flights over Paris has been possible.

The three journalists are 34, 52 and 68 years old, their nationality has not been specified by the police. They were arrested when one of them was flying a drone around 3:30 p.m. in the Bois de Boulogne: "The first piloted the drone, the second filmed, the third watched" indicates a source close to the file.

At the same time, a restaurateur from the northwest of Paris also had his drone confiscated by court order. Denounced by a neighbor, he had his drone flown Monday night in Paris.

The speech of the government and the authorities on these mysterious overflights of Paris remains the same as during the overflight of the Élysée Palace or the various EDF nuclear sites: no need to worry. If overflights are taken "very seriously", there is no reason to panic or fear an imminent terrorist attack.

Besides, the terrorist track "even if it is not completely excluded, is a priori excluded" said a source familiar with the matter. However, "It is enough to imagine what can represent a drone charged with explosives landing in a sensitive place to understand that these flights, even if they are the work of jokes, are problematic. We have not yet the solution " indicates another source.

Difficult indeed to put in place countermeasures to prevent these overflights. Some manufacturers offer to integrate prohibited areas directly into the firmware of their devices, preventing them from flying over certain areas. Concretely, it seems difficult to shoot down, by whatever means, any flying object considered as a threat even when it is located above inhabited areas.