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divorce formalized by a photo

If OnePlus launched its first smartphone with a ROM concocted by the Cyanogen team, no question for the young Chinese manufacturer to continue in the same direction. It is indeed a matter of gaining independence and avoiding the setbacks encountered on the Indian market, without having to resort to the ColorOS system, in order to remove any ambiguity concerning its links with the compatriot Oppo from which its founder Pete Lau comes .

This alienation from Cyanogen materialized with the house ROM called Oxygen about which we should know more on February 12th and thanks to which OnePlus would like to move the mountains. History of driving the point, OnePlus also removed Cyanogen on back OnePlus One smartphone. In any case, this is shown in a photo posted online where we see the old shell, the one from the beginning, and the new one, the one now in force.

OnePlus One dos The new back of the OnePlus One, without Cyanogen (click to enlarge)

Regarding the second model, named OnePlus Two and scheduled for the third quarter of 2015, we expect to remember a Snapdragon 810 SoC and a 2K / QHD screen. We also hope for dual-SIM support and a MicroSD slot.