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demo playable single use, permanent deletion

Originally known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV finally begins to prepare for its final arrival. The next Square Enix RPG for PS4 and Xbox One promises quality graphics and a fairly unique approach to atmosphere in the series.

Final Fantasy XV - 13A playable demo of title will be deployed on March 20, 2015 in Europe. Called "Episode Duscae", it will give you a first idea of ??the game. However, the Japanese publisher has published a press release which provides some details.

Square Enix Europe has confirmed what we already know, namely the availability of download code of the demo in the first print of the game Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in physical version, but also dematerialized.

We learn that this demo can be picked up at any time until March 20, 2016, which is valid for one year.

This trial version will remain yours until you delete it from your console hard drive. From then on, it will no longer be possible to download it again: the deletion is final. It will therefore be necessary to think twice before freeing up space on your storage medium.