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Curiosity captures a blue sunset over Mars

Curiosity sunset

NASA Curiosity has been in action on Mars for three years now, and for the first time, the robot has captured its first color sunset.

Everything is not ocher and red on Mars, Curiosity has offered us a host of shots of Martian soil so far, with sublime desert areas largely tinged with red.

However, the probe recently photographed a sunset on the planet, which offers a spectacle marked by a bluish tint.

It is the fine particles present in suspension in the air and the atmosphere of Mars which filter the solar rays and block certain wavelengths to propose this astonishing sunset. Blue light tends to penetrate deeper into the atmosphere and therefore comes out more intensely under the eye of Curiosity.

NASA had already simulated such a sunset in 2012, but never had it been able to actually observe it.

Curiosity is currently continuing its ascent to Mount Sharp to study layers of sediment that could help to learn more about the past of Mars.