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Coyote valued at 120 million euros, the co-founders regain control

Coyote co-founders take over the company. Shareholders with 40% of the capital, Fabien Pierlot and Jean-Marc Van Laethem announced on February 9 that they had gone up to 80% stake thanks to a refinancing operation in association with the HLD group.

Coyote S "I would like to thank the 21 Centrale Partners fund for having supported the growth and consolidation of the company during these five years, I would also like to thank Didier Guillot who has contributed to the development of Coyote for two years. We are confident today to take up the challenge of Europeanizing our service and extending it to new innovative offers "said Fabien Pierlot.

Coyote's next goal will be to establish a lasting presence in the markets of Italy, Spain and Germany, but also to continue to offer innovative services by taking advantage of the ramp-up of connected vehicles or by focusing on insurance.

Coyote's turnover reached 105 million euros last year despite stiff competition from free solutions like Waze. Coyote Systems is currently valued at 120 million euros.