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Connected glasses will hit the headlines in 2015 … in the professional segment

Glasses Google Glass captured media attention and brought visibility to the emerging segment of connected gadgets and wearable computing but from the project to the commercial reality, there is a step that even the giant Google can find it difficult to take.

google-glass-white After being adulated for their potential, the connected glasses of the research giant have been the subject of strong criticism, particularly in terms of risks for the respect for privacy, even if the cameras are already present everywhere, from smartphones to drones.

Perhaps forgetting that the entire Google Glass project, up to the Explorer Edition sold in limited quantities in the United States, is experimental, some regular users have grown tired of the lack of finish of the product and its limitations.

Are connected glasses therefore condemned to remain an object of a science fiction film, without concrete reality? No, answers the research firm ABI Research who on the contrary sees the year 2015 as a starting point for this type of product whose sales should more than double.

google glass surgery Except that these deliveries will not come from the general public but businesses and the public sector. It is indeed on the side of professionals that connected glasses will find their audience, to the point that more than 90% of connected glasses passed in 2015 will feed the professional market, whether in remote assistance, surveillance, police and military activities or logistics.

For the general public, only the game would fuel demand. AnalystsABI Research note that if the emblematic Google Glass were perceived in 2013 as a potential substitute for smartphones, the year 2014 showed that their use was better perceived for specific activities.

It therefore appears that the scenario of a versatile use of glasses connected by the general public does not hold because of the many Technical constraints but also a lack of more general interest. Wearing glasses (traditional or connected) is not trivial and the public may be tempted to look for less directly ostentatious forms, such as connected watches or more discreet gadgets.