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Commission fears bad influence from Apple

The Californian group Apple could soon unveil a new music streaming service based on the platform Beats Music obtained with the redemption of Beats Electronics for $ 3 billion.

Beats music 1 The firm should integrate it into its musical offer within the platform iTunes and it approached the record industry to try to lower the price of the subscription by a few euros compared to the reference price of 10 ? / month and play on temporary exclusives on albums.

This entry into the music streaming sector would receive particular attention from the European Commission, which would have contacted record majors to obtain details on the agreements negotiated with the Cupertino firm, reports the Financial times.

Behind these requests may be a request from one or more companies worried about the arrival of Apple in the segment, especially for free streaming offers financed by advertising.

The Commission would also have contacted rival streaming services (Spotify, Deezer …) to determine if the economic weight and the influence of the giant Apple could be such as to make them abandon their free listening service.

Depending on the information obtained, the Commission may decide to open an investigation and possibly decide to amend the agreements between Apple and the record industry, or even to impose sanctions.

This start of the still informal procedure is reminiscent of the investigation that had been carried out with the entry of Apple into another sector, that of digital books, and problems with their price which had led to an amicable agreement after payment of 450 million dollars by the Californian group.